Satisfied homeowners are our favorite and most important recognition, but Cecil & Ray Homes has also received accolades from numerous organizations over the years. These include:

Home Builders Association
of Greater Kansas City

2007 American Dream Award First Runner-Up
2008 Distinctive Plan & Design First Place
2008 Distinctive Plan & Design First Place
2008 American Dream Award Grand Award
2009 American Dream Award Grand Award
2009 American Dream Award First Runner-Up
2012 American Dream Award First Runner-Up
2014 American Dream Award Grand Award
2016 American Dream Award Grand Award
2018 American Dream Award Gold Award
2019 American Dream Award Gold Award

Our customers say:

“We had no idea what we were doing as we had never built a home before. I saw a model home by Cecil & Ray and I was hooked. One trip back with my husband and we were all in.

My favorite part of building with Ryan and Bryan was the ease with which everything transpired. We had two friends who were building at the same time and our delightful experience looked like a trip to Disneyland compared to the horror stories they told.”

Connie Rishworth


“We picked Cecil & Ray based on their work, reputation, and experience in the housing market. They’ve made it through good and bad times, plus they do custom homes, not mass production, so the number of homes they build each year allows them to give each one individual attention.

We worked with Ryan and Bryan, not a sub-contractor, and they were always accessible, which allowed us to stay involved throughout the building process. They do great quality work and are responsive and great to work with. They were involved and at the job site daily and treated the house like they were building it for themselves. Aside from Ryan being onsite each day, my husband’s favorite thing was having Ryan’s cell phone and him answering us anytime we called.”

—Tricia Harrod


“We didn’t know what to expect when building a custom home. We didn’t know if we would see our builder once, then be handed off to some unknown project manager. We chose Cecil and Ray because of the obviously strong relationships they had with previous clients.

They are different. They don’t expect your relationship to end with the final walk-through. They want you to be satisfied—forever.”

—Connie and John Murphy


 “We have now been in our new home for six months and could not be more pleased. My favorite part of building with Cecil & Ray was the quality of the finished house and the lack of conflict with Ryan and Bryan. We were closely involved throughout construction and found Ryan and Bryan very easy to work with. Simply put, they kept their word.

Either Ryan or Brian were on site nearly every day. They personally oversaw and directed the entire construction process. They kept us on budget and kept us on schedule. They gave great advice and listened to all our questions, recommendations, and desires.

The quality of construction is amazing. Thanks to their experience, Ryan and Bryan were able to give us multiple suggestions and recommendations that either improved the quality of the end product or saved us money.”

—Mark Bainbridge


“We selected Cecil & Ray Homes after meeting with Ryan and Bryan because they were very knowledgeable about both the design and construction of homes. When we met with Ryan, we found he was a real straight shooter with an honest approach and timeline. Price, of course, is always the most important piece and he dealt with us honestly. He was truly excited for us and for the opportunity to help build our dream home.

The design and construction of the home was planned and executed in a very specific time frame. When one phase was completed, the next one was immediately ready to start. Also, Ryan or Brian were on the job site every day. This assured us, as buyers, that they cared about us and the quality of the Cecil & Ray Home they were building.”

— Steve and Bren Truitt


“I loved working with Cecil & Ray Homes to build our house. They always seemed as excited as we were as it was being built. They were always available whenever we had questions and always interested in our opinions, plus honest with their advice. We felt completely at ease trusting them with a large investment. No matter what, I always felt they wanted to do what was right for us.

Ryan and Bryan were sophisticated and knowledgeable and really made such a significant difference in our experience. I’d recommend them to a friend in an instant. You will not be disappointed.”

—Cynthia Caldwell


“When we decided to build our home, we went through a Cecil & Ray Homes and we were impressed. Their workmanship was exactly what we wanted. After meeting and talking with them, we found they really listened and worked hard to build the kind of home we wanted. They have a very good reputation with the subs they hire and with their past clients. They were on the job daily and continued to stay in contact and help months after we moved in. We highly recommend Cecil & Ray!”

—Jim and Beckie Graham


“We moved into a Cecil & Ray home 13 years ago and we have been very happy with it. We fell in love with the craftsmanship and the customer service. They have been very responsive whenever we have a question even years after moving into our home. Once we had a small issue and Bryan came out and fixed it immediately, even though the home was well out of warranty.”

“We’re now in the architectural stages of building a custom home and Cecil and Ray will be our builders. They’re trustworthy, dependable and great to work with. I highly recommend Cecil and Ray Homes.”

—Dave Henke


“We had total peace of mind and absolute assurance when they did our remodel. They are honest and only want to give you the best. You can tell they truly love what they do. We will use them again for sure and highly recommend them to others!”

—Arthur and Ginny Swank


“My biggest concerns when building a custom home were finding a qualified home builder and a floor plan that met my needs. I was looking for a builder who built quality homes and paid attention to the special details that I wanted in my home. Bryan and Ryan were so easy to work with. They were always available when needed, present at the home during construction, and they never tried to inflate costs when changes were made.

As a mechanical engineer and being involved with construction for over 40 years, I am not easy to satisfy. I expect perfection and attention to detail. Cecil & Ray Homes is one of the best home builders in the Kansas City area. They pay attention to details and are qualified, timely, experienced, reliable, and a pleasure to work with.”

—Paul Johnson


“Being in the construction supply business, I know that home buyers are looking for high quality. That is exactly what Michelle and I received from Cecil & Ray Homes. Their attention to detail and follow through are unmatched. For myself and Michelle, any future building plans won’t even begin without Bryan and Ryan.”

—Chris and Michelle Reed


“As a single person, it was quite a thrill to be able to build a custom home. I wanted a home that when someone stepped into the foyer it made them say “WOW!” There were a lot of decisions to make, but Bryan was very patient and so were his subcontractors. The detailed trim-work throughout the house is spectacular. I had a pleasant building experience and would build with him again. You can’t beat the quality of a Cecil & Ray Home!”

—Jean Richardson


“We had heard what an overwhelming process building a new home could be. With Bryan Cecil and Ryan Ray as our builders, we had a terrific building experience. We were impressed by the attention paid to every detail. It is obvious that they’re committed to providing a home of excellent quality. When we build our next house, it will definitely be with Cecil & Ray Homes.”

—Randy and Angie Ross


“This will be our second home built by Cecil & Ray Homes. We were so pleased with the quality of our first home that was built seven years ago, that when we decided to downsize, we went straight to Cecil & Ray.

This project will be the fourth custom home that we have built. We have found that the most important item when building a home is to have good communication with the builders. Cecil & Ray have allowed us to openly communicate our concepts into a final product. They have been excellent to stand behind their product and go the extra mile. They are truly the premium builders in the area.”

—Jim & Nora Lee


 “We have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Bryan Cecil and Ryan Ray through the process of building our new home in Prairie Highlands. They are both experienced in home building and are energetic and enthusiastic about building high quality homes with attention to detail. It is obvious that they believe in customer satisfaction. From the very beginning of the building process, they impressed us with an honest and upfront approach. They provided us guidance through the building process with timelines and deadlines for each phase which made it easier for us to plan and make decisions and selections. Some builders you never see, but Bryan and Ryan were on the job site every day. They are responsive and available for questions regarding change orders or other issues that arise.

We love the reaction we get when we tell our friends about the good experience we had with Cecil & Ray. We often hear…”you mean you built a new house and you still like your builders?” We really do. This is the third house we have built and by far the best experience we have had. If we ever do it again, we know who we will call.”

—Bill & Sharon East


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