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Cecil & Ray Homes builds superior-quality custom homes as unique as the people who live in them. We take a personal, hands-on approach, and work with you through every step in the process of building your dream home.

Why Cecil & Ray

Born and raised in Johnson County, Bryan Cecil and Ryan Ray have been building custom homes across Kansas and Missouri for over 25 years. The pair taps into a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from previous home construction work, as well as time spent working together under Ryan’s father, a longtime home builder himself. Together they bring a tried and trusted network of local artisans, and a caring, hands-on approach to every project.

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What our customers say:

Satisfied clients are our favorite and most important recognition.

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"I interviewed the top 3 custom builders in the area as part of my selection process. It was quite clear to me after my meetings with Cecil & Ray that their breadth and depth of knowledge as it relates to the true custom build process set them apart from their peers. Their attention to detail was evident to me after a few initial discussions and after touring some of the homes in their portfolio. It was a relatively simple choice for me after that.

The best part of building with Cecil and Ray Homes was probably the hands on engagement that I had from Ryan throughout the process. Unlike a lot of other builders that assign you a project superintendent to oversee your project, Ryan was the project superintendent! Ryan was actively engaged in the project daily. And when Ryan was out of town, Bryan would step in to make sure there was coverage. There was great oversight from the entire Cecil & Ray team throughout the process.

My recommendation for Cecil and Ray would be to say that you will get a true custom builder that will deliver a product that you will be absolutely proud of. Cecil & Ray may not be the cheapest quote you receive for your home but true custom quality comes at a higher price. I’m totally convinced of that. I knew that going in, accepted it and Cecil & Ray absolutely delivered. If I was going to make a commitment to build this level of a home, I was willing to pay a little more to have perfection.

Cecil and Ray Homes provided their absolute commitment to be personally involved in the project. I can’t stress enough how important that is in a custom home. You hire a custom builder because of their knowledge and expertise. When they hand it off to a superintendent and visit the site one a week I believe you lose that expertise. That never happened with Cecil & Ray. They were all over it from the beginning until the project concluded."

- Scott Freeman

Quality over quantity

We thoughtfully select the amount of projects we take on in a given year to spend adequate time customizing every home. We are always excited to hear your ideas.

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Serving Kansas & Missouri for 2 generations

The desire for a custom-built home doesn’t stop at state lines, so you’ll find us working on both sides of the Kansas-Missouri border. Our combined 75 years of experience has taught us quite a bit, so we've answered some common questions in our FAQ section to help you start learning about the process of building a custom home.

Frequently Asked Questions